The 20 Most Essential Items Every Camper Needs In Northern Ontario In 2021

It’s about the time of year to start thinking more about camping season and making sure you have all of your camping gear set up and ready to go.

Any Northerner who enjoys the wilderness and spends time outdoors knows that it’s common to lose a few items along the way. Checking your gear from year to year to make sure that you still have all your essential items is a must. You must also check your gear to make sure things are in good working order. The last thing you want is to find a moldy tent when setting it up at your camp site which can happen quite easily if your tent was at all damp when put away for winter storage.

Camp sites are filling up and related equipment is flying off of the shelves, if available at all. When it comes to camping gear and essential camping items, Amazon usually have your back, though.

If you are looking for some camping items that are capable of bringing some comfort, fun, or even style, you can only go right with these 20 items that will make life easier for every camper in Northern Ontario this year.

20 Essential Items For Ever Camper In 2021

Item: Waterproof Camping Blanket

Price: $31.99

If you have ever been camping in Northern Ontario, you would certainly know that morning time in the area is more moist than the breath of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself. With a waterproof blanket you will leave behind the not-so-pleasant feeling of waking up covered in morning dew. Instead, you can continue to sleep comfortably.

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Item: Camping Hammock

Price: $44.99

What could be better then laying around hanging from two trees in the middle of the bush? Maybe a lot of things but whatever the case, if you want to laze off of the ground while out in the wilderness, you will need to buy this hammock. A great feature of this hammock is that it comes with a mosquito net that helps to keep the bugs away.

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Item: Outdoor Sleeping Pad

Price: $92.99

Going camping without putting something cushy on the floor of your tent is hard big problem for some people. Camping in any Northern Ontario region usually presents the odd rock or two that can make for an unrestful sleep depending on one’s preferences. With some ground protection, waking up feeling great will be easier for all involved. A cranky camper is a total buzz killer.

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Item: Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Price: $45.99

After a long night of campfires and booze, having a shower will have you feeling like a million bucks. Taking a shower with you to camp might not exactly be roughing it but if you are going to be camping for multiple days on end, it might be a good idea to take a shower at some point.

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Item: Camping Lanterns

Price: $16.99

An adventure often presents itself at night while camping. A strange noise or finding the perfect spot to pee while half-corked can have you venturing off into the woods at night. Whatever your reasoning to go in to the bush at night, you will want to make sure you are properly equipped with a flashlight, at the very least.

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Item: Biodegradable Soap

Price: $7.95

After cleaning the catch that your Izumi-style fishing skills brought you, cleaning your hands properly with soap will be of some importance. If you are as environmentally cautious as you are cleanly, then you are going to want some soap that is biodegradable. The woods will be even greener with you around.

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Item: Water Pump Dispenser

Price: $18.99

Having a water pump dispenser makes drinking water super easy and mess-free. It’s also good to have if you’re quenching the thirst of an entire crowd, as all those bushlovers won’t have their lips all over the same jug.

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Item: Essential Camping Cookware Package

Price: $36.99

One of the best things about camping is cooking food over an open fire. Eating that food is even better. This product gives you almost everything you need to cook an entire meal and actually gives you the utensils, too! For the price, it’s an absolute steal.

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Item: Portable Camping Chair

Price: $59.99

Siting around a campfire is a lot more comfy with a camping chair. This one is light, affordable and compact. You can nod off fireside and not have to worry about falling over.

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Item: Outdoor Camping Table

Price: $149.99

If you are looking to fillet some fish or need a place to store some items while in the bush then having a proper surface available will make things a whole lot easier. These camping tables are top notch and serve the purpose.

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Item: Solar Phone Charger

Price: $33.70

If it’s sunny while you are camping, this solar phone charger will ensure your phone will be fully charged. Whether for pumping out some good music, accessing some maps, or just for general safety purposes, having a fully charged phone can be a big deal in the woods.

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Item: Portable Camping Toilet

Price: $159.99

Does a bear poop in the woods? They sure do and if you’re camping for an extended period of time, you probably will, too. Using this will be a lot better than hovering over a patch of poison ivy.

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Item: Coleman Camping Propane Grill

Price: $119.97

Sometimes you may not want to cook on a campfire. If one of those times come up, then a propane grill is a great way to cook up a warm steak or kabob without the prep and added wait time that a campfire presents.

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Item: Yeti

Price: $44.99

Yeti tumblers are some of the hottest items of 2021. Do you have one yet? A morning at camp is just a bit brighter with a full coffee in hand. On the flipside, an evening around the campfire works well with a cocktail or two. The Yeti will be there for both occasions and beyond.

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Item: Inflatable & Portable Couch

Price: $39.99

This might be useful around the campsite or even bring about a good time on the water. Whatever your take on this inflatable couch, for under $40 you can’t go wrong.

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Item: Outdoor Portable Camp Kitchen

Price: $213.69

If you really want to go all out and put your culinary skills on display, this portable kitchen is the way to go. for when you go camping. Prepare to impress!

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Item: Camping Cot

Price: $99.99

A step up from the outdoor sleeping pad, a camping cot will have you sleeping like a baby. You’ll be well-above the ground and any insects. Sleeping on an outdoor cot in a tent while camping in Northern Ontario is probably the best way to do it. Your back will thank you in the morning.

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Item: Pop Up Privacy Tent

Price: $58.99

If you’re considering buying the portable toilet, a pop-up privacy tent will allow you to do your business in a semi-private setting. Having your own makeshift washroom will have you feeling like a king while sitting on the throne in the middle of the bush.

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Item: Mosquito Killer & Camping Lantern Combo

Price: $30.80

Northern Ontario and mosquitoes go hand-in-hand hand. If you are hitting the bush, being equipped with some ammo to take down any pests is a good step to take. Light sources generally attract bugs, so this combo will have you looking like a genius as mosquitoes happily fly towards their own death.

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Item: 8 Person Tent/Cabin

Price: $303.44

What’s camping without a tent? This 8-person tent will ensure you have a great stay in the woods. With a larger-than-normal tent you will have the space and the luxury to get through the hot mornings and the cool evenings. More than anything, it’s incredibly easy to set up.

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