The 18 Items Every Sudburian Needs To Spring Into A Fantastic Summer

Perpetual lockdowns sure seem to make the days fly by, don’t they? Seriously, before we know it, spring will be behind us and we’ll be right into summertime.

As brief as the seasons seem to feel lately, the best thing we can do is to make the most of them while they’re here. With the beach and backyards being our main sources of fun amidst ongoing restrictions, why not gear up like a warm weather warrior and be set for an amazing summer ?

Stockpile for your staycation and gear up for the grill with these 18 items that will make your spring feel just like summer, and your summer just feel just great.

The 18 Items Every Sudburian Needs To Spring Into A Fantastic Summer

Yeti Tumbler

Price: $39.99

A perfect tumbler to keep your drinks cold during the upcoming summer months. Not only that, they come in a variety of trendy colours, guaranteed to match your favoirite bathing suit or bikini.

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Coppertone Sport Sunscreen

Price: $13.94

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With the summer months approaching, it’s a no-brainer to stock up on sunscreen. Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is a sure way to have a safe summer.

Hair Clippers

Price: $49.99

With all of the barbershops and hair salons closed, now is as good a time as any to give yourself a trim. Beaches aren’t exactly for sheepdogs, and you may even gain some points in the looks department. It worked for both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore!

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Aloe Vera

Price: $13.20

If you have ever had a sunburn than you know that Aloe Vera can offer some sweet and soothing relief. This is a must-have especially, if you aren’t going to buy the sunscreen above.

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Char-Broil BBQ

Price: $234.51

Description: You can certainly buy this at a local box store but instead of going through checkout lines, you can buy it here and have it delivered. Warmer weather is definitely the time to break these bad boys out. Get ahead of the game and gear up with the perfect sized grill to properly do up some steaks or fish for the family?

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Weber BBQ Tongs

Price: $23.99

Now that you’ve got a BBQ, you’ll need a few essential items to go along with it. These BBQ tongs will save you from burning the tips of your fingers on the grill while flipping those kabobs this summer.

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Utopia Towels

Price: $42.49

It’s always great to have a decent beach towel to flop down on after splashing around in the lake. Cozy up in these because they’ll certainly have you covered. These beach towels will be a perfect touch for your outing in the lake.

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Outdoor String Lights

Price: $30.99

Light up your deck or patio this summer with an amazing amount of lights. The string light is a fantastic way to have lighting around gazebo polls or along fences. Your backyard will be the pinnacle of Kim Mitchell-esque entertainment with these stylish string lights.

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Mini Projector

Price: $129.99

There is nothing better than watching your favourite movie with a massive screen outside. It’s basically like having your own drive-in theatre right in your backyard! This projector can also be used inside, so you can even play some video games in the house and watch a three-foot Mario take out Bowser. This is definitely a useful tool to inspire some happiness.

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Water Mister

Price: $29.99

Anyone who has been outside in the North when the sun is setting knows that the mosquitoes will be coming out to get busy. Whether in the hot tub or just kicking it on the deck, this water mister will help to keep those pests away. These are great during the day in the scorching sun, too, as they’ll keep you cool with a faint mist around the patio umbrella.

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Deep Fryer

Price: $144.99

Get creative with some finger foods and other treats for your backyard extravaganza with this deep fryer. Making donuts, chicken fingers, cheese sticks and a whole lot of other great goodies will be a breeze. This is a must-have, especially if it’s possible to do some entertaining this summer.

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Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

Price: $449.99

You can smoke your meat until your heart is content with this guy. It doesn’t matter if you are smoking some beef, pork or fish because this beauty is right for anyone who loves to eat some amazingly flavourful food. Really, almost everything comes out of these tasting like perfection.

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Price: $38.99

After a long day in the sun, you will want some nice linen to rest your body on. Oh, the sweet dreams taht will be brought on as you lay on these fresh sheets!

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Wood Burning Fire Pit

Price: $192.70

A wood burning fire pit is the perfect outdoor accessory for any Northerner. You can stargaze all night, while drinking your favourite beverage with your favourite friend and family members. You can even call this one a memory maker.

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Cast Iron Pan

Price: $49.92

Using a cast iron pan is perfect for cooking on camp fires. Now that you’re able to have a campfire in your backyard, you can really impress those around you with your rugged-as-they-come culinary skills. You can also use these pans to sear an awesome steak.

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Sound Machine

Price: $29.99

Keep the sounds of summer alive, even in your dreams. Falling asleep will be easy, too, while listening to a babbling brook. You will be happy you purchased this when you wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

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Lego Star Wars

Price: $39.86

When the kids grow tired of the sun, keep the youngsters entertained for hours with a lego set. An old-school classic, these building blocks are perfect for a rainy day, too technology when they are building all day. This is perfect for the rainy summer days. So buy it now and stash it away as the perfect surprise.

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Magic Bullet Blender

Price: $49.98

These are perfect for making smoothies or daiquiris on a nice summer day. Everything will be a little brighter with your very own personal cocktails!

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