Team Canada’s Tokyo 2020 Jean Jacket Is Being Roasted On Twitter Right Now – Check It Out Here

Last year, the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee revealed the Team Canada wardrobe that athletes will wear during Olympic ceremonies and while kicking around the Olympic Village.

Originally revealed in August 2020, the Team Canada Collection was said to include looks that were “stylish, but functional, featuring sweat-wicking, light fabrics to keep athletes cool and comfortable, no matter the weather.”

Fast-forward to April 2021 and the internet has finally taken notice.

Team Canada’s closing ceremony jean jackets became the subject of mixed reviews on Twitter this week following Team USA’s unveil of their collection of team uniforms designed by Polo Ralph Lauren on Thursday.

While the USA gear was being targeted by half of Team Twitter for resembling spacesuits, the rest of the Tweet Squad went in on Team Canada’s almost forgotten jean jackets.

Designed by Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s, the jacket is made up of graffiti-style spirit featuring splotches of the Canadian flag, a Maple leaf, and lettering that is supposed to read as ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Canada’, but almost reads more like ‘toxic’ and ‘anarchy’, according to some on the internet.

As the fire continues to burn, here are some of the best and worst from Twitter versus the top half of the Canadian tuxedo.

@AdeNiverville has a unique appreciation for the jacket saying, “The team Canada jacket is so ugly, I kinda love it?? Not enough to wear it but enough to get a kick out of it😂😭”

@NumbersMunchers says, “Team Canada going with DC comics themed uniforms for the closing ceremonies in Tokyo, with a jean jacket designed by the Joker and a shirt designed by Canadian Batman.”

In true Canadian spirit, @sleepenbaker confronts controversy head-on and also has helpful tips on offer as he says, “People will hate on this but it’s miles closer to my usual attire than anything Canada has ever worn in the Olympic Ceremony. If anybody on Team Canada messages me, I’ll teach you how to hide two tallcans in a jean jacket”

@ItsTheBrandi thinks we should scrap the whole thing, tweeting “I am screaming. This is Canada’s closing ceremony fit.

Cancel the Olympics.”

@blackoutbraz brings out some gold, saying, “Cancelling the olympics because of a global pandemic: Tired

Cancelling the olympics because of team Canada’s jean jackets: Wired”

Playing it smart, @imissaku says, “Can’t wait to buy a Team Canada Jean Jacket for 17$ at Value Village in seven years.”

@chadcrichton seems to think that Canada could have been more bold, saying, “How does one choose that jacket for Team Canada and not have the pants be blue jeans???

I don’t like it, but if you’re going to do the thing, DO THE THING!!!”

Finally, as @twitandrewking shows off more possibilities, tweeting “Runner up Team Canada Summer Olympic Jackets”

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