Sudbury Still Doesn’t Have COVID-19 Vaccine & Doug Ford Called Pfizer Canada To Get Answers

Greater Sudbury is looking like it is at the back of the line with regards to the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Health Canada approved the Covid-19 vaccine in December and parts of Ontario have already received their first jab in the arm. That isn’t the case for the Greater Sudbury, as we have yet to see any vaccinations in the area.

Public Health Sudbury and Districts has roughly 200,000 people in it and encompasses a large and diverse geographical area. Out of the 200,000 people the city has really done a fair job on handling the severity of the pandemic.

To date the PHSD reporting area has had 410 cases of the disease and we currently have 73 active cases in the reporting area. With all of these cases as of late, it may just surprise you that most local politicians are quiet about the vaccine roll-out and/or the access Sudburians have to the drug.

That silence hasn’t gone unnoticed and what also hasn’t gone unnoticed is the tenacity of the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford. During a recent press conference, Doug Ford clearly expressed his frustration with how the vaccine roll out was happening. Going further, Ford has even reached out to the president of Phizer Canada for explanations.

Doug Ford wants to get the residents of the province vaccinated so Ontario can open up and get Canada’s economic engine revving again. With the pressure being placed on families and businesses in Northern Ontario, it was exciting to see a Premier stand up for the people of this province and take the time to find out what is actually going on.

In response to the phone call made by Doug Ford to Pfizer Canada president Cole Pinnow, Phizer promised to keep the Ontario Premier in the loop in regards to future changes.

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