Sudbury Staying In Lockdown & Vaccines Are Nowhere To Be Found

The Provincial Government has announced that the City of Greater Sudbury will be extending its lockdown to coincide with Southern Ontario. The one caveat is that school children will fortunately be heading back into the classrooms starting on January 11th.

However, here in Northern Ontario we haven’t seen to much in the area of vaccinations, even though federal prison inmates start getting vaccinated Friday. This is a major disappointment that can’t be stressed enough.

There are numerous small businesses, not only in Greater Sudbury, but across the North that have been shut down whether they like it or not. The amount of hardships that have been placed on residents of many communities has been extraordinary.

Canada has now approved a number of vaccines for use, but getting them here has actually been a slow struggle. Cities such as Greater Sudbury have not had any people vaccinated and numbers are starting to increase.

Earlier this week the HSN website had the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at the hospital at 0. Today the hospital website shows the number at 2, fortunately the number in ICU remains at 0.

The number of cases in the community has also increased. Public Health Sudbury and Districts reporting area which covers Greater Sudbury and Manitoulin Island has the case load at 46 active cases. This is a substantial increase from just several weeks ago.

Where does that leave Greater Sudbury then? Sudbury MPP Jamie West has raised concerns about morgues in Windsor and long term care homes in Tillsonburg, but he hasn’t said boo about rapid testing for workers in Sudbury or when Sudbury would get a vaccine.

With politicians of all political stripes travelling throughout the holidays where does that leave us? We are sitting and waiting patiently for leadership at all levels of our government.

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