Sudbury Realtor Jenna Ryan Mistaken For Capitol Building Rioter

Sudbury real-estate agent Jenna Ryan is receiving unwanted attention on social media as people confuse her with an American who allegedly took part in the protests at Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Ryan shares not only the same first and last name with Texas resident and alleged Capitol Hill protestor Jenna Ryan but also work in the same field as well as the two sharing similar physical features.

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“I can’t say I’ve experienced anything similar. It is shocking, to see how news like this can travel, and how the coincidence occurs, that someone with my name can come from across the border and affect us all the way up here, up north,” Jenna told CTV News.

This troubling case of mistaken identity is slowly being ironed out with many explanations to the many angry Americans who have been in contact with Ryan.

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