Sudbury Man’s Snowblower Ad Goes Viral & We Almost Bought It Just Because

Sudbury Snowblower Ad

If you are looking to buy a snowblower in Greater Sudbury, then you may want to check out this local Kijiji ad! If you aren’t looking for a snowblower and just want to laugh your ass off, then you definitely want to check the ad out! This isn’t like an ad for a $17/hr job.

Having read this snowblower ad on Kijiji it was immediately apparent that it had to be documented further. Ads like this don’t last forever.

It was also immediately apparent that we had to contact this wordsmith. Since we are having a good winter and already have a snowblower, we just congratulated him on his clever copywriting.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick this bad boy up, though. Grab your favourite Canadian snack and check out this Sudbury snowblower ad that is sure to get some attention either way. A few chuckles are along the way.

Cub Cadet Snowblower 

Price: $1,000.00


Are you looking for a snowblower that won’t let you down like your wife on March 14th? (Google it if you don’t know) Then you’ll want to get this bad boy. The Cub Cadet SW11530L.

This commercial grade snowblower has 6 speeds but real men only need 2. It also has 2 reverse speeds, which I’ve never used because that’s admitting you’ve made a mistake. This behemoth also has an impressive 30″ cut and blows more snow than a Colombian Drug Lord.

This machine was made for real men, bearded men that can handle 357CC of raw power. It also has Single Finger Control Steering, just like you wish your wife had and a push button electric start. It is in excellent condition.

So if you drive a Ford Fn’ Ranger keep scrolling. I’m sure you’ll find a Canadian Tire Noma electric snow thrower somewhere on Kijiji. Asking $1000 and yes the price is firm.

Wasn’t that hilarious? This ad is no joke either, we contacted him! If you want to buy this snowblower then you can find it on Kijiji right here.

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