Sudbury Has Two Blue Flag Beaches In 2021 & There Are Only 23 Of Them Across Canada

Sudbury beaches are usually packed with people looking to beat the summer heat and, after receiving eco-certification at two of the Nickel City’s main beaches, 2021 should be no different.

Bell Park and Moonlight Beach, two of Greater Sudbury’s most popular beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

In order to qualify for Blue Flag status, a site must meet a series of criteria relating to environmental, educational, accessibility, and safety standards. Blue Flag status is awarded annually by the FEE to beaches that meet or exceed those standards.

Only 23 beaches across Canada made the 2021 Blue Flag list, with 18 of them located in Ontario.

Bell Park Beach 

Located near downtown Sudbury, this beach is a great summer destination for soaking up some sun. This year might even be more eventful as a water park is planned to open at this location in the summer of 2021, promising to provide beach goers with an abundance of activities while enjoying the water. 

Moonlight Beach 

Moonlight beach is located in the Minnow Lake area of Greater Sudbury. You can enjoy this long sandy beach and relatively low water levels on any day of the week but, it should be kept in mind that this beach is usually busier than Bell Park, but it will be totally worth it if you go. Enjoying the sand and views of Ramsey Lake are definitely part of the fun, as is the nearby hiking trail!

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