Sudbury Has A Meal Prep Service & This Is What They Recommend

Sudbury is a city full of shift workers who work extended shifts, evenings and weekends. Finding time to eat can be challenging let alone finding time to make good, healthy meals. Thats where Fresh & Easy comes in.

Fresh & Easy is a meal preparation service right here in Sudbury and is perfect for those who work shift work, essential workers and single people who don’t like cooking, but want to eat healthy. The list doesn’t really stop their but these are perfect examples of people who might be interested in trying a meal preparation delivery service.

Who is Fresh & Easy? They are a local company that offer good, healthy meals at an affordable price and deliver them right to you. The convenience of ordering from a meal prep company is more than just not having to make the food. By using this local service you also save time not having to go grocery shopping.

Fresh & Easy will deliver the fresh food, straight to your home on one of their 3 delivery days. The convenience of this service is that you don’t have to worry about where or when your next meal is coming.

Listen, this isn’t a company pumping out cherry cheesecakes. They are a local company offering healthy meals.

Right now Fresh & Easy offers 6 different menu categories; senior, keto, traditional, lighter side, create your own and dessert options.

Fresh & Easy Recommends Trying These Out Today!

If you are looking for something to order today then their top items would be a mixture of keto, traditional and seniors items. The Keto Big Mac & Chicken Parmesan are the top in their category, with chicken stir fry and butter chicken the top in the traditional category.

Their seniors menu is very popular with fish and salisbury steak being top in that category. Fresh & Easy has just added some salmon items which are very good!

Fresh & Easy operates predominantly as a delivery service with three delivery days per week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). They deliver to most areas of the city ranging from Chelmsford to Garson.

They do have a static seniors menu which they add items and add variety to all other categories at least once a month.

Their meals come fresh, meaning not frozen and they have a simple order, heat and eat motto. The meals which are delightfully created come fresh and in freezer safe containers so they can be frozen.

Fresh and Easy Sudbury works with several local suppliers such as Tony Vs, DA Meats, Truly Northern Farms, Mad Batters Bakery, Zahers Small Batch Hummus, Good Grab Go, and are always looking to support local first.