Sudbury & Districts Only Has 5 Active Cases Of Coronavirus

The Sudbury area is doing pretty good when it comes to the Coronavirus. Sudbury & Districts is a huge geographical area which runs from Manitoulin Island all the way to Falconbridge and practically everything in between.

With the virus hitting the city of Sudbury early it was almost inevitable for the region to get hit hard. Fortunately for the residents of Greater Sudbury that has not been the case, at least not yet.

As of now we in the reporting district for Public Health Sudbury and Districts we have had a total of 64 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The first case was reported in the Sudbury area in early March when a resident had attended a mining conference in Toronto.

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Since that time the city has altered its was of life. Also some strange things have taken place like huge line-ups and shortages of toilet paper of all things. However, that seems like ancient history right now.

Sudbury has been lucky when it comes to the coronavirus with only 2 fatalities which leaves us with a fatality rate of 3.1%. The percentage may seem high but in all reality both of the fatalities came from the elderly population.

As of May 18th at 5:00 p.m. the amount of people tested in the Sudbury area has also been a positive indication that the Coronavirus is on the decline or is relatively nonexistent in the reporting area. The Public Health Sudbury & Districts has performed 9730 tests, which is 4893 per hundred thousand in population. This data is including the data from targeted surveillance.

Out of the total cases in the reporting area 37 cases were female, 24 were between the ages of 40-59, 38 were from unknown exposure which could be assumed as community spread and 16 cases were the result of outbreaks in long term care home resulting in one death.

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One of the significant differences between Sudbury and the Ontario as a whole is that our fatality rate of 3.1% is much lower. Ontario has had 1919 fatalities which brings the Provinces fatality rate to 8.2%.

Some of the data that is most interesting is the data that includes the entire country. With this data available we are looking at Sudbury which was a potential hotspot as being one of the success stories thus far in the pandemic. This is ultimately a huge surprise considering the number of “essential workers” the city has and the potential for community spread given the close quarters the workers are in.

According to Statistics Canada comparing Canada, Ontario, Northern Ontario and North Eastern Ontario against the Sudbury reporting area, the area is looking rather good. The Sudbury reporting area has the lowest incidents per 100,000 at 32.2, lowest fatality rate at 3.1%, highest resolved rate at 92.2%, highest tests per 100,000 at 4893 and tied for the lowest percentage of tests positive at 0.7%.

Considering these remarkable stats the outlook looks good for the City of Sudbury. Also given the outcome and our success the likelihood of outbreaks in the future should be reduced given that travel has been limited.

Hopefully our success in flattening the curve is not pigeonholed by other regions when we look to start things back up.

The information in this post can be found by reviewing the Public Health Sudbury & Districts Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Epidemiology Update document here.

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