Sudbury City Councillors Decide To Spend $98 Million On Downtown Library Even Though It’s An Election Year

The City of Greater Sudbury is now ready to spend almost $100 million dollars on another Downtown Sudbury Project. The project which will be located next to the Sudbury Theatre Centre and across from Whacky Wings will be dubbed the Junction East Project.

This new community hub is scheduled to have a Library, Art Gallery and a Multi-Cultural-Folk Arts Association all under the one roof. This project green light may come to a huge surprise to some people of Greater Sudbury considering all of the recent development that has been scheduled for Downtown.

Nonetheless this is also an election year and for the city to announce more spending of another $98 million dollars you may see an uptick of council candidates.

The downtown area of Greater Sudbury has certainly won a lot more funding and received a lot more money than anyone could have imagined when the Kingsway Entertainment District was given the green light years ago.

However there were a couple of city councillors that weren’t so keen on the idea of green-lighting this project. These two councillors were Ward 2 Coun. Michael Vagnini and Ward 11 Coun. Bill Leduc.

Will this decision to go ahead and spend almost $100 million dollars on an area spark any activism? Only time will tell.

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