Some Simple Steps The City Of Greater Sudbury Can Do To Revitalize Downtown Sudbury

In order to revitalize Downtown Sudbury and make it a more desirable place to live, there are several steps that can be taken.

First, the safety of the area needs to be improved. This can be done by increasing the presence of law enforcement in the area and creating safer public spaces. Additionally, installing more lighting and surveillance cameras throughout the area can help to deter crime and make the area feel more secure.

Next, the buildings and infrastructure of Downtown Sudbury must be improved. This could include renovating and revitalizing existing buildings and introducing more modern amenities. This, in turn, could attract more businesses and entertainment options, making the area more lively and attractive.

Finally, the cost of living in Downtown Sudbury needs to be lowered. This could be done through incentives for businesses to open in the area, as well as providing affordable housing options. This could make the area more affordable for people looking to live in the area and take advantage of the low cost of living that Northern Ontario has to offer.

By taking these steps, Sudbury’s downtown area can be improved and made into a desirable place to live. With increased safety, improved infrastructure, and lower living costs, downtown Sudbury can become an attractive area for people to live and work in.