Should The Sudbury Wolves Be Sold If The KED Gets Scrapped?

Should the Sudbury Wolves be sold and/or moved if the KED is scrapped by the current group of Greater Sudbury city councillors? This will be a question that many people will ask. 

As the KED debate has dragged on for years, we are seeing tactics being used to ultimately end the transformational project once and for all. 

It wasn’t that long ago that the LPAT and Superior Court decisions were made and Sudburians finally thought the saga would come to an end, allowing shovels to finally be put in the ground. However, earlier this week what every Kingsway Entertainment District supporter was given another glimpse into the incompetence of a group of people who really can’t make a decision and stick with it. 

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that the Greater Sudbury City Council in 2017 made a decision to move forward in a 10-2 vote with building an entertainment district literally minutes away from Greater Sudbury’s downtown. 

Since that time, the decision to build the KED has been under fire from a small, but very noisy, group of people. The group has organized to try and stop one of the greatest projects the city has ever seen. All attempts by the group have been unsuccessful thus far.

The project has overcome numerous hurdles and withstood mountains of legal pressure only to come out on top. Until this week, that is, when at a city council meeting, the topic of COVID and the KED collided

In recent weeks, a small but influential group of councillors expressed their concern on the next step of the process, calling for second thoughts

This week, Mayor Bigger requested that all important information be brought to council to make a decision on the project. 

Wait, make a decision? Wasn’t that decision already made in 2017? It appears to some that it wasn’t. 

So what we are left with now is Greater Sudbury city council looking at threesite locations; the KED, a downtown spot and renovating the old arena. 

Here is where things could get really interesting. Should this city council decide to reverse the decision on the KED and choose a different direction, what legal recourse, if any, would the owner of the Sudbury Wolves have? How much would it cost taxpayers to break current contracts already in place? What options would be available for the owner of the Sudbury Wolves? 

One possibility could be that the owner sells the OHL team to a buyer either from Sudbury or, even worse, a different city altogether. If this turns out to be the case, then why would we even build this arena when we could have upgraded our crumbling arenas that the children play in? 

Another option would be that since the Sudbury Wolves would presumably be the anchor tenant of the new or renovated building, what kind of sweetheart lease agreement is the city going to have to make with the team in order to entice them not to move or sell? 

This decision could have huge implications on the taxpayers. Before a decision like this is made don’t the people of the community deserve to know if there are other people interested in purchasing the Sudbury Wolves or if the intention is to sell the team to a more friendlier environment, should the KED go south? 

How ever this Kingsway Entertainment District decision plays out, it is certainly starting to look like amateur hour at The Apollo.