Rick Mercer Asks You To Imagine Doug Ford In A Hazmat Suit If You Are Going To Be Hooking Up

In a hilarious new video by Canadian comedic icon Rick Mercer asks Ontario residents to stay home and gives some good reasons to do so. Rick Mercer who was the Canadian funnyman in the Rick I Mercer Report use to make thousands of Canadians laugh with his real talk analysis that while he walked down a laneway or a street.

In his message Rick Mercer asks you to Stay Home. He then provides some funny details of why it is important for you to stay home and what staying home will achieve.

At the beginning of the short couple minute video he asks you to take Doug’s advice and to stay home. He then goes on to explain why Doug Ford’s stay at home guidelines aren’t really confusing at all.

Mercer also admits although there may be some loop holes available in the legislation, that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Rick Mercer gies a hilarious analogy the makes sense, just because Walmart has pool noodles for sale it doesn’t mean you have to buy them.

He then goes on to remind you that there is no one stopping people from purposely slamming car doors on your hands, but we don’t do that because it’s bad for us.

You can watch the video put out by Rick Mercer below and judge for yourself how hilariously funny it really is.

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