Public Health Sudbury & Districts Reports 1,729 First Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine Administered

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is now reporting the number of first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. PHSD has started posting the information on their website in the same area as the daily case numbers. 

So far the area that belongs to Public Health Sudbury & Districts has administered 1729 first doses of the coronavirus vaccine. This amount has also remained stagnant since February 10th 2021. 

PHSD has also stated that they are going to update the vaccine information as doses are administered. 

Yesterday we seen another drop in cases that leaves the city with 29 active cases. The number of active cases is now down from a high of 99 just a few weeks ago. 

Currently, the area which Public Health Sudbury & Districts is in charge of is in the orange zone and it is not known when that will change. Before the Christmas break the city was set to enter the green zone. 

The city has had 12 people succumb to the virus out of 576 cases. Public Health Sudbury & Districts is also reporting that 170,553 tests have been completed.  

Currently the province of Ontario has reported over 500,000 doses have been administered. Maybe one day our elected MPP and MP’s will work harder to help convince the province to allocate more vaccines to Greater Sudbury. 

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