Premier Ford Asks NDP Leader To Join Them In Supporting People Of Ontario

Premier Doug Ford has had just about enough of NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. Earlier today during a sitting of the Ontario Legislature the Premier asked Andrea Horwath to join them in supporting the people of Ontario. 

The invitation came after the NDP Leader Andrea Horwath lobbed some unhinged criticism at the Premier and his government. This followed with Ford inviting the leader in joining them to support the people of Ontario. 

In true straight shooter fashion the Premier also went on to remind Andrea Horwath that all she does is criticize and that listening to her is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. 

Video via TikTok @680news

It doesn’t appear as though Andrea Horwath accepted the invitation as her MPP from Sudbury tweeted out a message that appears to support a continuation of the lockdowns.  

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