Premier Ford And Premier Legault Plead With Justin Trudeau To Reduce Incoming Flights

With Covid-19 variants spreading across Canada like a BC wildfire in mid-July, the Ontario and Quebec governments are pleading with Trudeau to get off his hands.

Earlier today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Quebec Premier Francois Legault plead to Trudeau to increase restrictions on international travel. This comes just days after Ford tried to implement similar measures like those already in place in Quebec. 

The two Premiers sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister. In the letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the two Premiers pleaded to strengthen measures at air and land borders.

The two Premiers expressed their concern in the emergence of new Covid-19 variants which are being brought into the country through international travel. 

Both Premier Ford and Premier Legault outlined areas of concern that need fixing and are within federal jurisdiction. The letter went on to say, “There is an urgent need to address issues with testing and quarantining at the borders, including falsified Covid-19 testing documentation, travellers opting fines over complying quarantine requirements, or travelling via private vehicle/plane to avoid quarantine, among several other areas of concern.”

At the end of the day the two Premiers want two things done: they want to reduce international flights and want further protections at the land border. 

Trudeau has yet to respond.

Should you want to read the full letter it is bellow.