Pink Kraft Dinner? Candy KD is in Canada for Valentine’s Day

Pink Kraft Dinner? Yes, that’s right. Canada’s signature dish just turned pink, and it’s all for love.

Just when you thought Kraft Dinner was about good as Kraft Dinner could get, the meal-in-a-box maker announces the release of a limited edition Candy KD for Valentine’s Day. And for some reason, it’s still got that cheesy taste.

“Valentine’s Day might be the cheesiest day of the year and as Canada’s favorite cheesy dish, we wanted to join in the fun,” said Brian Neumann, Senior Brand Manager, Brand Build & Innovation, Kraft Heinz.

“By combining the colour and flavour of Valentine’s Day with our iconic one of a kind cheesy taste, we’re excited to give Canadians a new way to show their love this year, with Candy KD.”

Getting your hand on some won’t be so simple, though.

You’ll have to follow @kraftdinnerca and from Jan 27 – Feb 14. Starting January 27th, Canada’s cheesiest Casanovas can “sweet talk KD into giving them a box with their best pick-up lines or confessing their love in a poem on social.”

Lucky recipients will receive a kit in a candy-styled box in the shape of a giant Conversation Heart. The box will include KD Original, a Candy KD Boost Pack, and a fork, so consumers can celebrate Valentine’s Day with Candy KD.

Kraft states that the program will run until Valentine’s Day with wider releases of the pink mac and cheese made available through drops at

Kraft got zany last October, too, when they released Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese.

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