Ontario Has Only 33 New Positive Coronavirus Cases Today

Today Ontario reported one of the lowest numbers of new coronavirus cases since March. Doug Ford announced earlier today that the province has only recorded 33 new positive coronavirus cases.

With this wonderful news we see that by testing and contact tracing we can achieve low levels of coronavirus in our province. The fight isn’t done yet however, after a good week of reporting under 100 cases a day the province reported 115 yesterday.

There is also some positive news coming out of Greater Sudbury, as the Northern Ontario city had a rough few weeks reporting a number of new cases they have just accomplished resolving 84 of the 92 cases the city has. In fact the last positive case the Public Health Sudbury and Districts reported was on August 8th.

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Greater Sudbury has completed 25,394 tests with only 92 positive coronavirus cases. This gives the Public Health a testing rate of 12,623 per 100,000 people. With all of this we see the percentage of test that are positive are 0.4%

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