Only 10% Of Ontarians Strongly Disapprove Of Doug Ford’s Ontario Provincial Government

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A recent survey by Abacus Data suggests that only 10% of Ontario residents strongly disapprove of Doug Ford’s Provincial Government.

The survey also noted that Ford’s popularity was on the decline; down from net +35 back in August to only +4 as of yesterday.

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Regardless of the drop, the survey also found that if an election were held tomorrow, the Doug Ford lead Progressive Conservatives would still end up on top with 34% of the vote. That 34% is only down 2% from an earlier survey in October 2020. Out of the remaining parties, the Liberals have made a shift, up 10% since the last election in 2018 and the Andrea Horwath NDP has dropped by 6%.

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Even though the positive impression of Doug Ford is 19% higher than it was pre-covid, he is going to have to work like an 800lb gorilla if he wants to hit the heights of the summer, where his overall positive impression reached 46%. There is no doubt that the approval and disapproval for the Ontario Premier is tied to the performance of his governments ability to handle the pandemic.

Political rivals might prefer Ontarians focus on other issues. Yesterday brought forth a strange implication from Toronto councillor Krystin Wong-Tam that Ford threatened the crew over at Pfizer with sexual abuse via firecracker. Woah.

Nonetheless, Doug Ford still remains Ontario’s most favoured party leader.

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Here in Greater Sudbury we are currently sitting at 65 active cases out of a total of 402 cases. The total tests performed since the start of the pandemic is a whopping 142,091. Out of those 65 active cases we have 13 confirmed cases in the hospital.

Abacus Data surveyed 793 Ontario residents over the course of January 8 to 12, 2021.  

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