New Sudbury Residents Urged To Watch For Needles

As if it isn’t bad enough right now with all that is going on with the Coronavirus. Now the residents of New Sudbury and Sudbury in general are being asked by us to proceed with caution when taking walks.

This comes as a reader and follower of ours sent us pictures of used and discarded needles laying around in the New Sudbury area. It is a shame that with everything that is going on right now that we have to be aware of an increased risk of infection by a dirty used needle.

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The needles were found on the walking trail close to Adanac Ski Hell in the Beatrice Avenue area. If you aren’t familiar with this area the follower also sent this picture. They also said Arthur Street trail entrance-ish.

Arthur Street Trail Entrance

Getting pricked by a dirty needle is never an ideal situation. However, now more than ever it is particularly dangerous. Not only will someone have to worry about what they can catch from a used dirty needle but now they would have to expose themselves to coronavirus by entering a medical facility.

If you do find or see discarded needles along your walks please do not touch them. If you or anyone you are walking with see them please call 311 to have them picked up and disposed of immediately by professionals.

The last thing you or your loved ones would want is to be unintentionally pricked by one of these needles. These needles can carry diseases from drug users that can cause serious health hazards up to and including death so be careful.

It may also be beneficial that if you see one or a bunch of these dirty needles to email the city councillor of the area. In this case since it is in New Sudbury and the city coucillor is Al Sizer then give him an email.

While emailing your city councillor let him or her know that dirty needles on walking trails is extremely unacceptable. Also maybe let them know that if a child is pricked they may have to receive HIV and Hep B prevention medication.

Also remind them that it does happen and direct them to some of the countless articles online like this one.

Ward 8 City Councillor Al Sizer can be emailed here:

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