New Study Says Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives Leading In Northern Ontario

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A new study was released and the results say Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives are leading in Northern Ontario. The poll did not break down the information by riding but had Northern Ontario in general.

Campaign Research asked respondents an a series of questions between January 28-30, 2021, related to the pandemic. For the most part, the questions they asked were broken down into regions such as Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario, City of Toronto, Halton & Peel, etc.

The results of the study were quite interesting, especially when it comes to lockdowns and the demographics of who support the Progressive Conservative Party.

You can find more information about details of the study right here.

When it came to the handling of the pandemic, the government got a passing grade with 57% of respondents feeling that the government has been doing a good job compared to 39% saying the government doing was doing a bad job.

The topic of vaccines was also on the table, as the study showed a majority of people in Ontario – 65 percent – understand its the federal governments responsibility to acquire the vaccines.

In somewhat of a surprising result, results showed an overwhelming majority of Ontario residents support the “State of Emergency” and “Stay-at-home” orders that were issued mid January.

Finally, the question was asked: which party you would likely vote for if a provincial election were held tomorrow?

Out of those who responded to the study in Northern Ontario it was found that 31% would vote for the Progressive Conservatives, 28% would vote for NDP, 16% would vote Liberal and 12% were undecided. The remaining percentages would either vote for Greens, another party or refuse.

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The Doug Ford lead Conservatives seem to also do better with females. The study found that with females the PC party gets 40% of the support from those between the ages of 35-54 and with females aged 55 and older, the number is at 46%.

Provincially, the numbers look even better for Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives, especially for decided voters.

The question was also asked: which Party would you most likely vote for if a provincial election were held tomorrow?

In Northern Ontario it showed the PC Party climb to 36%, but for all of Ontario the number is 44%. The study also suggests that this could mean a 13 seat pick-up for the Doug Ford Progressive Conservatives.

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The entire 2021-02-01 Toronto Star Ontario Omnibus can be found right here if you want to take a deeper look into the numbers and see what questions were asked.

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