NDP MPP’s For Sudbury And Nickel Belt Finally Ask About Vaccines

When you look at it, Sudbury and Nickel Belt have seemed to fall victim to, what could be called, pretty dismal leadership regarding vaccines over the past number of months.

During this time, the area has seen a massive spike in both active Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations from the virus. 

However, instead of pushing for vaccines for the North, we’ve heard calls for University funding and other non-pandemic related topics. The NDP member for Nickel Belt went as far as to table a motion to ban junk food at checkouts. Surely, there’s more pressing issues. 

With all of that put aside, the two MPP’s for the city of Greater Sudbury finally did what many have been calling them and others to do – ask where the vaccines are. In the usual NDP fashion, they also went a bit further as to call on Doug Ford to consider the area covered by Public Health Sudbury and Districts a Covid-19 “hot spot”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it seems that most of Greater Sudbury’s politicians have been hiding or uninterested in dealing with the heavy issues of the day. It’s nice to see some faces and, even more so, some action.

Currently the area covered by Public Health Sudbury & Districts has over 300 active cases. Subsiquently, we have also seen an uptick in hospitalizations.  

Currently there are 21 hospitalizations in the area with 9 of those in the ICU. Since the onset of the pandemic we have also seen 16 deaths. 

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is also reporting that there have been 23,488 people who have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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