NDP MP Thinks Its ‘Beyond Inhumane’ To Vaccinate Any Vulnerable Canadian Over Criminals

In what is a complete twist of logical thinking, the NDP MP from Winnipeg Centre is chastising Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole. NDP MP Leah Gazan expressed her disdain toward the Leader of the Official Opposition on Twitter January 5th when she called his comments over who should be vaccinated first, inhumane.

Erin O’Toole tweeted out a CTV News story where they exposed that Federal inmates in Canadian prisons were set to get the COVID-19 Vaccine ahead of law abiding Canadian citizens. The inmates are scheduled to start getting inoculated against the deadly virus later this week which is well before some of Canada’s most vulnerable, seniors, front line workers and majority of residents in provinces facing strict lockdowns and even potential curfews.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada also tweeted the message that “Not one criminal should be vaccinated ahead of any vulnerable Canadian or front line health worker.”

In a strange bizarro land the NDP MP from Manitoba decided to completely go off the rails and quote the tweet with her opinion of MP Erin O’Toole’s comments.

Leah Gazan the MP for Winnipeg Centre went on to quote the tweet with her own message, “With outbreaks occurring in prisons, I find @erinotoole’s comment beyond inhumane! Why is he encouraging workers and incarcerated persons to live in conditions that disrespect their health, safety and human rights?”.


The Federal NDP Party has yet to comment on the tweet or if they back her position that seniors should get behind some of Canada’s most dangerous offenders in the vaccine lineup.

With the NDP at all levels of government practically begging leaders to lockdown citizens it begs the question, Do the NDP think its more important to destroy families, lives, jobs and businesses than prioritize law abiding citizens in vaccine distribution?


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