Monthly Omnibus Study Pretty Much Spells Out That Kids Won’t Be Returning To School & A Bunch Of Other Goodies

This month’s omnibus study conducted by Campaign Research pretty much spells out that kids won’t be returning to classroom studies any time soon. That’s not the only surprising details coming from this study, either.

With details on which groups of voters feel that an increase in restrictions would be best, how much support the Premier still has in Ontario, and which regions in Ontario really support Doug Ford, the results of this study is certainly an eye-opener.

We decided to dig into the study a little more and highlight some of the findings. If you would like to do so yourself, it can be found right here

The omnibus study was conducted by Campaign Research during May 2nd to 8th, 2021. 

According to the methodology used, the study included respondents from an online panel of Ontarians, 18 years old and older. The sample is weighted to regional, age and gender demographics, as per Statistics Canada. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

In the study you find that numerous questions “breakout” roughly the same way, meaniny that throughout all demographics listed, you have roughly the same percentage of people feeling the same way about certain issues. 

For instance, if you look at the concern for contracting Covid you would notice that across all party lines and regions of the province, the concern remains high. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

This study also showed that both the NDP and Liberal voters think the government and health officials are undereacting, which also comes a surprise, given the tweet from ONDP leader urging the province to open outdoor activity. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

When it comes to getting elementary kids back in school, the study was very clear that the majority of respondents don’t think it can be done safely until September.

Screen grab via Campaign Research

As far as the population receiving a Health Canada approved vaccine, the study shows that a vast majority of people across party lines will take the vaccine right away. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

When it comes to the plan going forward, over 40% of Ontario Liberals, Greens and NDP think that Premier Ford needs a new one. It’s been suggested that this plan should include increased enforcement and restrictions including closing down all workplaces that are not directly related to groceries/food, essentials, and healthcare services. 

This again came as a surprise considering the backlash from the people and parties when Premier Ford gave unprecedented powers to the police earlier this month. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

Voters across all party lines are concerned about travellers arriving in Canada. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

Finally, when it comes to a provincial ballot test, Doug Ford’s Ontario PC’s are still in the lead. One of the surprising notes of this is that the OPC’s lead in Northern Ontario is currently sitting 29%-27% over the NDP. 

Screen grab via Campaign Research

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