Molson Canadian’s New Brewboni Will Vacuum Your Floors & Bring You Cold Beers – You Can Even Build Your Own

In a sure sign that just about everyone has too much time on their hands right now, Molson has turned into Dr. Frankenstein, mashing up your favorite barmaid with a Roomba, a cooler, and a zamboni.

Full of imagination, Molson recently unveiled the Brewboni, a fresh take on an iconic symbol of Canadian sport, the zamboni. Instead of resurfacing the ice at the arena, though, this sharpshooter will clean your floors and bring you a beer!

An unprecedented creation, the Brewboni is the world’s first mini robot vacuum that also has a game night compartment that’s been perfectly molded to hold up to four Molson Canadian tall boys!

“With the NHL playoffs ringing in a second virtual season, we know that Canadian hockey fans are missing the sights and sounds of their hometown arenas more than ever,” said Joy Ghosh, Senior Brand Director for the Molson family of brands in a release.

“The Brewmboni is a light-hearted way that we can bring fans closer to Canada’s game while enjoying an ice-cold Molson Canadian from the comfort of their squeaky-clean living rooms.”

While the Molson Brewmboni is currently in its prototype phase and not yet available for purchase, Canadians can visit this the official site to learn more about your home’s potential new winger and join the waiting list.

If this sounds too outrageous to be true, Molson has been awesome enough to provide the computer-aided design files on the website so that anyone in doubt – and in possession of the skills required to build this thing – can step up to the rink and do just that!

Should anyone in the Greater Sudbury area be able to pull it off, give Trending Sudbury a shout and maybe we’ll fill it up for you!

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