Minnow Lake Splash Pad King in Sudbury Area

We really have no alternative in Greater Sudbury when it comes to monster splash pads than the one in Minnow Lake. The Minnow Lake splash pad which is located on 2nd Avenue in Greater Sudbury is one of the largest and most entertaining ones in all of Greater Sudbury.

If you were to go to any other splash pad in the city you would notice the inferiority. This may ultimately change now though as Greater Sudbury is looking to build even more splash pads.

According to an article that was published in The Sudbury Star on February 6th 2020, Greater Sudbury is looking at building more. We have no doubt that splash pads have been a success in the city, but how many are really needed.

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When Greater Sudbury finds a little something that works they tend to over due it and saturate it throughout the entire city. The splash pads are just another example of this.


Currently the city has 14 splash pads located all over. Even with the abundance of splash pads in Greater Sudbury the great people of Minnow Lake are blessed with the biggest and best the city has to offer.


The Minnow Lake Splash Pad isn’t just a splash pad that the city decided to build. The Morel Family Foundation is the main reason why this great park exists in the first place. On Saturday June 17th, 2017 the park was officially opened and as of that date the foundation has donated over $400,000 to the park!

You really should want to visit the Morel Family Foundation Park which includes the best splash pad in Greater Sudbury. This kids attraction may be one of the greatest little gems that Minnow Lake has to offer.

Maybe instead Greater Sudbury should change its motto from the City of Lakes and we can become the City of Splash Pads.

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