Mike Tyson Apparently Comes Out Of Retirement To Lay A Beating On A JetBlue Passenger

‘Don’t antagonize the baddest man on the planet because you might just get you’re ass whooped’ was the lesson of the day for a passenger sharing a flight with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson early Thusday morning.

In a video shared to social media, the champ is shown to be taking a barrage of too excited quips from some yokel behind him. Tyson eventually responds with a barrage of his own.  Tyson’s consisted of pure shots to the man’s face.

TMZ reports that a source who was in close proximity to the boxer said the passenger was “extremely intoxicated” and “wouldn’t stop provoking” Iron Mike.

Following the quick but furious beating, the once flapping-gummed JetBlue passenger is shown silent with a bloodied forehead.

Bottom line, don’t forget that lesson of the day.