McDonald’s Canada Is Going To Import Beef From United States

McDonald’s Canada is now going to start importing its beef from the United States the company says. The reasons for which the move has been made is because of the concerns of the supply chains due to the Coronavirus.

McDonald’s was one of the very few companies that would boast to use only Canadian Beef. However, with the fatality due to the coronavirus at a beef processing plant in High River Alberta we are seeing the capacity reduced.

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Cargill Inc. which is the owner of the food processing plant has since shut their operations down because of the fatality. Not only was there a fatality at the plant but hundreds of other workers have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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McDonald’s is also discontinuing the Angus Burger in the midst of this crisis and said restaurants can continue serving it while supplies last, but they will not be delivering more to restaurants.

McDonald’s also said they would be supplying beef from its pre-approved suppliers and facilities outside of Canada.

Even though the reasons for the move to use beef from outside of Canada is because of the coronavirus some are still calling for a boycott.

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