McCausland & Signoretti Motion For Downtown Arena Reno Gets Tossed To The Trash With Split Council Vote

New comer city councillor Geoff McCausland and second term councillor Mark Signoretti have their motion for downtown arena renos defeated spectacularly before their eyes. The motion was in regards renovations to the downtown Sudbury arena and was a one more desperate attempt by the two to halt the Kingsway Entertainment District.

It seems like instead of wasting their time on a motion that was going no where, the two councillors may be better serving their constituents by allocating more time in running their wards.

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It has been some time now since the City of Greater Sudbury approved the KED project and unfortunately the two councillors can’t come to grips with the reality of the previous decision.

The members’ motion was brought forward by Councillors McCausland and Signoretti that asked the city staff to take a look at the option of renovating the downtown arena. This seemed like another last ditch effort to try and halt the popular KED project that has seen some very vocal opposition by a small group of residents that seem to have nothing better to do.

These two councillors wanted the city to waste more time and money looking into a project that came out of no where during the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year.

Instead of spending time debating issues that would bring positive outcomes to the taxpayers and residents of the City of Greater Sudbury, council had to debate this nonsensical motion.

It appeared at times that the two councillors were reminiscent of the children’s book Henny Penny. That is the story of Chicken Little who was always proclaiming that the sky is falling, which is something some of these councillors would like everyone to believe.

Like everything else that was a waste of time regarding the opposition to the KED, so was this. In the end with an absent Mayor Brian Bigger, the motion was defeated with a hung 6-6 vote.

Voting in favour

Mark Signoretti

Geoff McCausland

Gerry Montpellier

Rene Lapierre

Deb McIntosh

Fern Cormier

Voting against the motion

Robert Kirwan

Michael Vagnini

Mike Jakubo

Al Sizer

Bill Leduc

Joscelyne Landry-Altmann