Mayor Brian Bigger Wants You To Know That He Is Happy About The LPAT Decision

Whether or not the decision to go ahead with the KED becomes an election issue for Mayor Brian Bigger will remain to be seen. In the mean time though, he doesn’t appear to really care.

Even though some high profile city councillors might be chomping at the bit to overthrow Bigger he continues to hold steadfast in his support of the KED.

Now that the enormous project has hovered over the legal hurdles, the mayor of Greater Sudbury isn’t being shy about his support of the project moving forward.

Just hours after the news that the oppositions arguments have been tossed from the LPAT was announced, Mayor Brian Bigger was touting the project in local media.

“We always do what is appropriate and we have naysayers and people have their various motivations to throw things off track, but I’m really pleased, I know that our partners, the casino and the property owner stand committed to the project,”

Mayor Brian Bigger via

Mayor Brian Bigger hasn’t eluded one way or another if he is going to run again for the top job. However, with this controversial project finally able to move forward in a significant way before the next election, we just may see some challenges to his seat from current city council members.