Kids Born In The 2000’s Will Never Know How Awesome These Sudbury Bars Were

Greater Sudbury’s nightlife scene is sure to be rocking once we are all done with Covid. While the bars and nightclubs that exist today will serve their purpose, they’ll hardly compare to the Nickel City’s pre-millenium boozefests.

If you were born any time since the beginning of the new millennium, you probably haven’t heard about some of the bars that use to rock Greater Sudbury and the antics that went on within them.

At that time, Sudburians were even crowned kings of alcohol consumption across North America by the king of late night TV.

Sudbury was such a rocking college town in the midst of the 90’s that it was featured on David Letterman. Laurentian University’s pub ranked number 1 for alcohol consumption on the popular night time talk show’s Top 10 List. 

There wasn’t a day of the week that didn’t have its own hot spot to go out and let loose. On certain days of the week you could hit multiple bars and dance floors in a single night and be packed together like sardines. 

Nonetheless, here are 5 Sudbury bars that kids born in the 2000’s will never know.


Mingles was rocking mostly on Wednesday night. It wasn’t uncommon to go there and see a line up around the building while people were shoulder to shoulder inside. After the bar ended you would routinely see police spot checks outside. Sometimes the party even carries over to Burger King on Notre Dame! 


Ralph’s was the rocking South End bar that was full of university kids. If it was a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday you could probably guarantee yourself that the place would be bumpin’. You could hop up on the speakers and boogie it up. Mostly people went for the cheap $5 pitchers of beer. Women didn’t pay a cover either. The place was just hopping to dance music and people playing pool. Good times there for sure. 

Tommy Knockers 

If you needed to catch a Sunday or Monday night fix then Tommy Knockers on Barrydowne Road was your place to go. This small bar was downstairs to a New Sudbury restaurant and had plenty of Irish Pub pizzazz. 

Cactus Pete’s 

This bar will always be remembered for the barrels of peanuts available around the bar. Just imagine today with all the nut allergies! You would there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and routinely see large crowds. The outdoor patio was always packed even in the cooler months. What a great place to party for any college or university student. Now it’s a wing place. 


This New Sudbury bar tried to class it up a bit with no hat dress codes and two sides to the bar. Usually you could go here on a Friday or Saturday and it would be packed. They had two sides to drink on. There was a dance floor side or the bar side and it didn’t matter either way. If you got to boozy they even had hotel rooms available. 

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