KED Plans To Light Up The Night With Release Of Plan Emphasizing “Strong Sense Of Safety”

A second post in a series of updates from the Kingsway Entertainment District has recently dropped on Instagram, this time with a focus on lighting and safety.

Initiatives including “eco-friendly lighting” and enhanced security efforts were outlined in this week’s update on the Kingsway Entertainment District, showcasing the developer’s desire to put an emphasis on the environment as well as overall enjoyment.

Features of the KED’s latest update can be found below. 

The Plan

Eco-Friendly and modern lighting 

Many great sporting venues and stadium arenas around the world have incorporated green initiatives into their designs, and the Kingsway Entertainment District will be amongst them. Through the use of modern, eco-friendly lighting, the KED looks to “minimize the impact of light pollution on our community.

In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is another feature that will be found at the KED. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, in-ground lighting is a great way to provide visibility at night without creating tripping hazards for sports fans who may have enjoyed themselves a little too much.

Illuminated pathways, parking lots, and entrances

The KED’s lighting plan includes illuminated pathways, parking lots, and entrances. This will undoubtedly provide an increased level of personal security and safety amongst guests, as well as enhancing the visual appeal.

Built-in audio and security systems

Last on the update list is the mention of built-in audio and security systems. Additional details arent included on this one but it doesn’t appear that safety is something that will be overlooked at the Kingsway Entertainment District.

Last week’s KED update released details about the entertainment district’s parking plan outlining the inclusion of electric charging stations. This follows a recent survey put out by the organization asking for input from the community in regards to features that should be included at the event centre.

What do you think of the plan? Let us know and, more importantly, let your municipal representatives know.