KED Looks To Be Moving Right Along Regardless Of Noisy Opposition Which Has Delayed The Transformational Project

The KED or The Kingsway Entertainment District looks to be moving along slowly but surely. One of Greater Sudbury’s most transformational projects in over a generation is still chugging along even though the detractors are hard at work trying everything to stop it.

The opposition to the KED has been working hard since the KED was decided by elected councillors in a ferocious meeting which saw a landslide 11-2 victory in favour of building the Kingsway Entertainment District.

Fast forward to now, you can see all the progress that is being made to the project on On the website they feature articles where the Superior Court reject the arguments made against the project. You can also view articles that are available outlining the vision of the transformational project.

The opposition is all to reminiscent of the store hours bylaw opposition, who at every turn declared that the sky was falling if you allowed a business to operate during a recognized holiday. The argument of a referendum has even been tabled and just like the store hours debate the referendum would ultimately end the same way.

However, this is being seen as another tool to delay the project and it is unsure if city councillors will fall for this strong armed tactic once again.