KED Challenges Cost Taxpayers Over $600K

How much have the KED challenges cost taxpayers thus far? The mind numbing answer to that is the KED challenges have cost taxpayers over $600K. Lets think about how ridiculous that sounds and who on city council supported the efforts to challenge the decision to build the KED.

The CBC reported on September 9th that Tom Fortin’s legal challenge of the KED cost the city over $300,000 in legal fees. Tom Fortin, who is a Sudbury businessman, has been a staunch detractor of the Kingsway Entertainment District and has come out loudly against the city having a new casino.

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This Superior Court challenge wast the only legal challenge the project is facing. On Thursday and Friday next week the city will be hearing the case in front of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, or LPAT for short.

The Greater City of Sudbury has also added that the KED challenge cost for the LPAT is sitting at approximately $300,000 also.

The reason the Superior Court rejected the claim was because it believes that the city did know wrong when approving bylaws for the KED development. The lawyers for Tom Fortin had tried to make the claim that the city acted in a “a pattern of bad faith” in the process to approve the KED, or that the process to approve the project was flawed.

The decision of the Superior Court created a chatter on facebook when it was announced. In the local facebook group Greater Sudbury Politics certain vocal opponents of the project voiced their disdain for the Superior Courts decision.

One of the respondents Stephen MacLean commented on a post of the CBC article that, “It’ll be funny if the city demands full costs, and then when they lose LPAT, Fortin is awarded costs and it’s three times more.”

Stephen MacLean