KED Back In The News With Hearing Dates Set For End Of June

The never ending saga of the KED or Kingsway Entertainment District looks to be coming to an end. Finally we have some hearing dates set up at the end of June for the Superior Court of Justice. 

The long awaited and much anticipated KED decision by the Superior Court and the LPAT could still be months away however there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, it was the original intent to have the hearings in May, but because of the coronavirus shutdown the hearings were cancelled. 

Also Read: 5 Reasons The KED Will Be Wildly Awesome is reporting that the LPAT hearings that were originally scheduled for May 5th will be rescheduled during a phone meeting this Wednesday, June 10th. However the Superior Court of Justice has hearing dates set up for June 29th and 30th to address the process the city followed. 

The terrible part about all of this is that the citizens are the ones who suffer. The city has a high unemployment rate and those jobs would be a generous welcome. 

The delays seem to be never ending and intentional but we shall see how this unfolds and with a little luck maybe we can move forward and get a state of the art facility built in Minnow Lake. It appears that the opposition to this event centre is really just a small group of vocal activists who are disappointed they didn’t get their way a few years ago.