Jagmeet Singh Cancels Niki Ashton In Critic Roll For Greece Trip To See ‘Ailing Grandmother’

It hasn’t been all cherry cheesecake to start off the year with the Federal NDP party. Jagmeet Singh who is the leader of the Federal NDP just stripped Nikki Ashton, the NDP MP, of her shadow critic rolls.

Nikki Ashton  tweeted on New Year’s Day that she was in Greece visiting her ailing grandmother. The NDP MP also reiterated that she was with her family at home on Christmas.

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Nikki Ashton isn’t the first and only elected member of the government to split the country during this pandemic. Many others have left the country, but none have used the excuse of an ailing family member.

The NDP Leader still hasn’t tweeted anything about this, but a statement had been released where it outlines the reasons why Niki would lose her roll as shadow critic.

In the statement that was shared on Twitter by CTV Producer Mackenzie Grey, the NDP proclaimed that the MP had left the country without notifying the party whip or leader.

The statement also went on to say that Canadians expect their elected representatives to lead by example.

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