It Has Been 1 Year Since The Courts Have Ruled About The KED & Some Councillors Still Can’t Get Over It

It has been one year since the courts ruled that the city didn’t act in bad faith while choosing the Kingsway Entertainment District over building a new arena downtown. Since this time the there have been a number of councillors who still can’t help the city move forward.

There was a recent article released asking the city councillors about their thoughts on the KED and you may still be surprised to hear that some of these councillors are still not over the decision and want to rehash it.

The KED was suppose to open this year. In 2017 when the city approved the project the development was suppose to be complete by 202. However because of all the delays by certain people in the community and some of the city councillors we have not seen any shovels in the ground.

In the article, Ward 4 councillor Geoff McCausland wants the KED to be reconsidered. According to the article Geoff thinks that one reason is that the KED, Kingsway Entertainment District, is off the beaten path.

Imagine thinking that placing an entertainment district less than 15 minutes from Downtown, in a residential neighbourhood and on the Kingsway, was off the beaten path. This comment is just one example of the ignorance and disinformation the projects detractors have stooped to.

Out of the group of City Councillors only some would provide if they were for or against the project. The list that was published by is below.

Mayor Brian Bigger, No Response

Ward 1- Mark Signoretti, More Information Needed

Ward 2 – Michael Vagnini, Put the KED on pause

Ward 3 – Gerry Montpellier, Defer the KED to the next council

Ward 4 – Geoff McCausland, Reconsider the KED

Ward 5 – Robert Kirwan, Proceed

Ward 6 – Rene Lapierre, No Response

Ward 7 – Mike Jakubo, Proceed

Ward 8 – Al Sizer, Proceed

Ward 9 – Deb McIntosh, No comment

Ward 10 – Fern Cormier, No comment

Ward 11 – Bill Leduc, Proceed

Ward 12 – Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, Proceed