Is It The Science That Is Different In Ontario Or Is It The Public Healthcare?

Is the science different for COVID in Ontario than the rest of North America? You don’t have to look any further than south of the Ontario border to find examples of how others are dealing with COVID either.

If you just look to the United States you will see full stadiums and no talk of full hospitals. In Ontario however you hear talk of empty stadiums and hospitals that were full before the pandemic.

The problem isn’t isolated to Ontario either. The Omicron variant is raging across the country. Being 2 years into the pandemic one would think that our officials would have been ready for a situation like this.

What is the situation though? It appears from data that comes out of other countries with the omicron variant that hospitalization are lower per 100,000 cases than any of the other variants we have seen.

With that being said, it almost looks as if no one told the twitter doctors that this was the case. Ever since the province announced loosening restrictions the alarm bells have been ringing and the sky has started falling.

A couple problems with this are that the doctors have become political and they haven’t really been accurate throughout the pandemic.

Nonetheless here we are. Later this afternoon Doug Ford is expected to announce more restrictions which make no sense. Even if this variant escapes the vaccine protection Canadians can’t be locked up in their homes forever.

Is the science different in Ontario than the rest of North America? I guess we will find out.

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