If You Want To Make Over $17/hr Then We Have 12 Sudbury Jobs You Can Get Right Now

Are you looking for work during these crazy times? If you are then you would know that there are a number of jobs available in Greater Sudbury. This may sound strange considering all we hear about are job losses in the city, but have no fear because there are jobs available.

Even if you are young and not looking for a job this list of 1 jobs available in Greater Sudbury might be something you want to check out. Finding work has never been easier if you don’t really care what you are doing.

You may even want to take your try at a job that gets your hands dirty. If you are looking for a job then you are in luck. We decided to highlight 1 Sudbury jobs that you can get right now.

12 Sudbury Jobs That Make Over $17/hr

Job Title: Letter Carrier – Delivery Agent

Pay: $21.19/hr

Company: Canada Post

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Job Title: Warehouse Worker

Pay: $18/hr

Company: ESM Solutions

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Job Title: COVax Support Assistant

Pay: $23.30

Company: Public Health Sudbury & Districts

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Job Title: Wash Bay Attendant

Pay: $21/hr

Company: Reliable Cleaning Sudbury

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Job Title: GNOR Partnership Coordinator

Pay: $23.41/hr

Company: Science North

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Job Title: Pay: Plasma Oxy-fuel Machine Operator

Company: High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc.

Pay: $19 – $24/hr

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Job Title: Parts/Inventory Specialist

Pay: $20 – $25/hr

Company: Rees Mobile Services Limited

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Job Title: GNOR – Showcase Facilitator

Pay: $23.41

Company: Science North

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Job Title: Uniformed Security Guards

Pay: $17 – $19/hr

Company: Wolfpack Protective Services Inc.

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Job Title: DZ Truck Driver

Pay: $24 – $26/hr

Company: Revolution Staffing

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Job Title: Hydraulic Unit Repairer

Pay: $20 – $32/hr

Company: S.E.R Hydraulics

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Job Title: Mason’s Helper

Pay: $20 – $25/hr

Company: Albrocon

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