If Greater Sudbury Paid City Councillors For Responsibility The Salary Would Increase And So Would The Quality Of Candidates

There has been a long standing issue in Greater Sudbury when it comes to city councillors. The current Greater Sudbury city councillors are deemed to be part time and thus make half the wage of what they really should make.

The problem with this is that in a city so large geographically as Greater Sudbury and with the number of citizens in the voting area we should be receiving full-time councillors.

The job of a city councillor is full time and if you ask any of them that do the job you will certainly hear how over worked and under paid they are. If this is the case, which it most certainly is, why not up the pay for what they are actually worth?

Some city residents might have a conniption, but all in all if the city communicated properly about the pay hike you probably wouldn’t hear or see to much backlash from most working people.

The City of Greater Sudbury has had this problem a number of times since amalgamation and each time council can’t come to a majority and agree that the pay should be higher. One of the “conspiracies” about this is that if they pay more money then you will have better candidates run for election in the wards. If this happens than most current Greater Sudbury City councillors will most certainly be unemployed after the election. At the end of the day consider the low pay as job security.

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This could be a major reason why they won’t officially announce that the job is a full time position and hold elections on that belief. If Greater Sudbury wanted to have a quality slate of candidates to apply for the job as Councillor why wouldn’t we pay a wage to reflect the importance of the job.

Currently a majority of Greater Sudbury City Councillors make under $50k a year and only the Mayor makes over $100k. The reasons we are told is that the Mayor is the only full time position on council and thats why the position pays what it does.

Source – City of Greater Sudbury Website

However, if you want to increase the quality of candidates and possibly have the proper representation for the city, then you will most likely have to raise the wage of the councillors. We are in an unfortunate situation in Greater Sudbury because of the amount of pay the job currently provides.

Taking the current pay for the responsibility would be financial suicide for some.

The city actually has a number of young, hard working and knowledgable people who would love to represent their ward, but financially can’t make that sacrifice.

The issue of compensation is a major reason why they won’t. Not to many people outside of the politically obsessed are willing to lose 5 or even 6 figures and have double the workload to serve as a municipal councillor.

Thus this is what we get, a retirement home of the city connected that are doing this as a full time hobby rather than a part time job.

In the end it is the residents that suffer from not having Greater Sudbury’s best and brightest represent us at the City Council table.

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