How To Shop At Sudbury Grocery Stores And Get Out Quickly

Not long ago, grocery shopping was a regular affair and certainly undertaken without worry. Today, in the post-Covid-19 universe, the experience has completely changed.

Now, safety precautions are at the forefront of the minds of many shoppers. Masks, distance checks, and proper sanitization habits are just a few of the steps we use to make us feel safer when shopping. Let’s face it, though, even when we’ve done all those things, we still want to get the heck out of there almost as soon as we’ve entered.

With the proper planning and know-how, you can do just that. Here’s how to get in and out of Greater Sudbury grocery stores as quickly as possible, helping to ensure your safety and keep the lines short.

Make a List

Make a list before you shop. Shopping lists keep you on track to buy only the items you went to the grocery store and avoid impulse purchases.

Not only will you keep more money in your pocket by not buying products that you don’t need, you also won’t have to waste time going back for missed items, which makes for a quicker exit.

Check Popular Shopping Hours

Google’s popular times feature lets you check a retail location’s wait time before you even leave your house. Take a peek and choose your shopping days accordingly.

If you’re not much of a Googler, shopping early in the morning or late in the evening are typical strategies used to avoid crowds of shoppers, as is doing away with weekends altogether.

Studies also show that people tend to buy more in bigger crowds, so by shopping during quieter times you’ll save some more money.

Know the Layout

Knowing the layout of your target Sudbury supermarket allows you to organize your shopping list according to the store’s layout, further maximizing your efficiency.

On top of getting you out of the store quickly, you’ll once again save money. Grocery stores are laid out to maximize your spending and their earning. Everything from the flowers when you enter, the bakery in the far corner, to the meat and dairy being on the far wall, it’s there for a reason; to get your money and keep you in the store.

Stock Up

Stocking up on staples such as bread, canned foods, and pasta keeps you from having to return to the supermarket sooner than necessary.

We’re also living in extremely uncertain times. In no way should you start panic-buying absurd items like toilet paper but preparing a reasonable supply of non-perishable food items and emergency supplies doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now.

Ditch the Coupons

If you’ve ever stood behind somebody with a stack of coupons at the grocery store, you know how long this can take. Besides wasting time, coupons often force buyers to purchase more than they need and usually apply to more generalized, pre-packaged, processed foods.

Use your Tap

Sudbury grocery stores are equipped with tap-to-pay debit systems. No cash transactions are a big time-saver for everyone involved for obvious reasons. Watching someone count change can almost be painful sometimes.

No contact payments also mean you want have to handle the debit machine. One study found that debit and credit cards carry more germs than train station urinals.

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