Here Are The Top 10 Google Searches In Canada For 2020 & They Are Surprisingly unCanadian

If you were in Canada and searching google in 2020 you might think you would be searching about Canada. However, in this insane year we seen almost everything but searches about Canada.

You would think that Canadians who use google, which is a majority of us, would love to search for Canadian things. This wasn’t the case for the most part. 

Top 10 Google Searches In Canada For 2020 

10) Trump vs. Biden – The United States Election was certainly in everyone’s mind during the past 12 months. It didn’t really matter what country or side of the political fence you sat in almost everyone was mesmerized by the election south of the boarder. 

9) Joe Biden – You would think that after serving as 8 years as Barack Obama’s Vice President that people wouldn’t have to google about Joe Biden. This wasn’t the case as people in Canada wanted to know who was taking in the Donald. 

8) Naya Rivera – This former American Actress tragically drowned while saving her son on a rental pontoon boat. 

7) Kim Jong Un – The relationship between Kim Jong Un and the United States President made this search an almost given. 

6) CERB – Finally a Canadian search topic! CERB was a very important part of a lot of Canadians lives. The CERB funding helped Canadians through one of the toughest and darkest moments of the pandemic lockdown. 

5) Raptors – The Toronto Raptors are Canadians basketball team and were the defending NBA Champions. 

4) Zoom – As people were forced into lockdowns and to start working from home, zoom was the technology used for millions of people to stay connected. 

3) Kobe Bryant – The year started with tragedy. The death of Kobe Bryant shocked the world and as news broke about his helicopter crash people were glued to their screens to find out what had happened. 

2) Coronavirus – What more can be said about this search. 

1) US Election – With everything going on in 2020 it really is shocking that the US Election dominated search results in Canada. 

These were the top 10 searches in Canada according to Google Trends.

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