Here Are 5 Reasons Why Sudbury Residents Would Prefer The KED As Opposed To Another Downtown Arena Fiasco

The overwhelming majority of residents in Greater Sudbury want to see the KED come to fruition sooner rather than later. This may have been the truth since the inception of the idea and the subsequent vote to go ahead on the project.

However, we may be seeing a shift in the way Sudburians are thinking and it has nothing to do with a downtown area and has everything to do with the absurdity of what’s going on in the world at this moment. Why do we need a new event centre if the government is just going to limit capacity? This is a question that needs an answer.

Many people would love to sit back and watch an amazing concert, hockey or basketball game. The reality is that even if you are double & triple vaccinated the government is willing and able to restrict you from doing these things.

This doesn’t bode to well for the downtown either as the main selling feature of the area is that they have restaurants to go to before events. Even though that may be the case the government has stopped indoor dining as well. It is a no win situation in that aspect.

This could very well be the new normal. Lets assume its not though and remember that the KED was voted in by a council with a vote of 10-2 and the downtown arena project vote had ended in a draw, 6-6.

Since that happened the majority of people in the city have pretty much wanted the project to move forward regardless of what they originally supported. The KED project highlighted growth and excitement in the city and people could recognize this.

We have seen unsuccessful attempt after unsuccessful attempt of people trying to stop this project. Even though it is whats best for a majority of the city, there are still some who have nothing better to do but wage courtroom battles with the city.

The reality is that the people of Minnow Lake and Consiton stand to gain from the project. Housing prices and demand will surely increase with the KED being built in the area.

Nonetheless the residents of Sudbury would prefer the KED and here are 5 reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Sudbury Residents Would Prefer The KED As Opposed To Another Downtown Arena Fiasco

Strong Sense Of Safety – The KED is planning on making an emphasis of safety to the project. The project has identified some key areas that can be approved upon with the move to the KED and safety was one of them.

The plan as it stands right now will see the KED having illuminated pathways, eco-friendly and modern lighting, in-ground lighting, Illuminated parking lots, and entrances and also built-in audio and security systems.

Parking Plan – If parking is a concern of yours in the downtown area then you will be happy to hear that the parking situation is going to improve. It is no secret that parking issues have been a major bottleneck for the arena in its current location. However, not only will there be other parking opportunities, the KED is planning on having charging stations for electric vehicles.

According to the Instagram post, the KED looks to have 1250 dedicated parking spots with an additional 1400 overflow parking spots. These parking spots will be within 400 metres to the entrance of the brand new event centre.

Growth Opportunity – It is no surprise that an area which is a 10-15 minute drive from the downtown could deliver a huge opportunity for the city to infill while growing its tax base at the same time. The Greater City of Sudbury has plenty of urban sprawl, which happened partly do to amalgamation. With this opportunity to fill in some land between Minnow Lake Coniston and New Sudbury we can see a win win not only for residents of these areas, but the city as a whole.

Public Transit Upgrades – This is something that is desperately needed and because of the KED the city will be forced to address it. Greater Sudbury will have a brand new development that will rock the transit system to its core. We will see multiple new routes as well as busses with people on them.

Community Building Opportunity – With a blank canvas as such there will be a huge opportunity to build the community. Most of the people who support the KED see the opportunity ahead which includes locally owned restaurants and retail shops. The area will be rich with opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to take the chance and bet on its success.