Here Are 10 Wicked Golf Products That Are Perfect For Any Golfer

When you hit the golf course this summer you won’t want to be left behind without some of the best golf products that all your fellow golfing buddies will probably want. Whether you are an beginner, amateur or professional golfer you will certainly need most of these golf products.

The last time you were golfing with your fellow golfer friends how many balls did you lose? Have you ever shanked one in the bush because of your grip on a wet day? How about that time you wanted to lay up before the green but couldn’t figure out how far you were from the pin?

These are all perfect reasons why you should take a look at the list of these 10 golf products that are perfect for any golfer whether you are new or a seasoned pro!

10 Wicked Golf Products You Can Buy Right Now

Blue Tees Golf – Series 3 Max with Laser Rangefinder with Slope Switch – Never get stuck guessing your distance to the pin again with this amazing product.

Price – $329.99

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Golf Pen Set – Are you a business person looking to make deals on the golf course? If this sounds like you then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to close the deal with your fellow golfer using the stylistic golf pen! This also makes a great gift for those golf course real estate agents!

Price – $25.99

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Golf Ball Cleaner – The next time you sink your ball in a wet fairway you won’t have to worry about waiting until you hit the tee off at the next hole to wash your ball.

Price – $37.99

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Callaway Plastic Tees – If you are happy teeing off and keeping your tees then you will absolutely love these reusable plastic tees!

Price – $12.89

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Indoor Golf Simulator – Do you want to be the talk of all your buddies? Then take your golf game to the next level and practice in the rain, the winter or a stinking tornado! You can smash monster drives on a golf simulator all day long with this beauty.

Price – $289.99

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4 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Save some scratch on the electric cart and get a workout at the same time! You will improve your game by 3 strokes over time if you walk the course regularly… so they say.

Price – $236.50

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Golf Practice Hitting Net – If you don’t want the golf simulator then don’t worry because you can still practice your swing using a golf practice hitting net. Set this up in your back yard or your front yard, it won’t really matter.

Price – $149.99

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Anti-Slice/Anti-Hook Compound for Clubs – The old wives tale is that if you put chapstick on the face of your golf club you will hit the ball straighter than ever. This may be a perfect weapon in the bag for the times the other golfers are getting a bit cocky and you want to ensure you punch one straight up the fairway. You could even sneak this out in a best ball tournament.

Price – $12.79

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Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls – Having a good golf ball just might be the most important part of your game. You won’t understand it until you use a ball that absolutely explodes on impact!

Price – $44.12

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Humorous Golf Ball Markers – Be the life of the golf course while showing your buddies you have a crazy sense of humour. These gag golf ball markers are perfect for anyone who wants to have a good laugh and good times on the golf course.

Price – $11.99

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