Haven’t Chakra Danced On Lake Ramsey? Sudbury Reiki Master Tells Us Why You Should

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday in Sudbury than vibrating your way to healthy living along the shores of Lake Ramsey?

Reiki Master Laurr, an holistic healer of three years, and student Liann were doing just that, strengthening their mind-body-spirit energies through Chakra Dancing.

Have you never shook your chakras before? Did you even know you had some chakras worth shaking? According to Reiki Master Laurr, getting your chakra groove on is a big deal that everyone can benefit from.

Reiki Master Laurr says, “We have seven chakras from the root to the crown. Our roots ground us to Mother Earth and our top chakra is basically to our universe, our spiritual guide, and anything in between we need to keep in balance. So, when that’s balanced, it keeps us healthy.”

Chakra dancing is a combination of dance and meditation that is said to bring about spiritual and physical healing. Entry level is low, as the movements can easily be performed by participants of any age.

“We know that the whole dancing for the chakra’s, actually, is a phenomenal way to keep all of our system balanced.”

Chakra dancing isn’t completely without its perils and pitfalls, however. Student Liann tells us that on a recent dance session on Lake Nippissing, things got a little hairy.

“I thought I was going to go through the ice. I thought I was going to die.” said Liann. Luckily, the ladies made it back to shore with nothing more than boosted spirits. Despite the scare, Reiki Master Laurr states, “I make sure we’re safe.”

Should you want to learn more about chakra dancing, Reiki Master Laurr has recently set up a public Facebook group to offer her knowledge and assistance.

Also on the page is a groovy video featuring a singing bowl performance that really gives some buzz to the brain and is worth checking out if you want to make like Matthew McConaughey.

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