Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger Has Some Big Ambitions For Our City In 2021

With the roller coaster of 2020 coming to a close, Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger has some big ambitions for our city in the upcoming year. Greater Sudbury has some transformational projects on the horizon.

With the recent Kingsway Entertainment District LPAT decision finally coming to a close, you can just get the feeling that we are ready to burst at the seams in 2021.

This is why we decided to reach out to the office of Greater Sudbury’s Mayor, Brian Bigger. We wanted to see what Mayor Bigger wants for Greater Sudbury in 2021 and he didn’t disappoint. 

Top 5 List from Mayor Bigger of things that the Mayor wants for Greater Sudbury in 2021 

1) That everyone in Greater Sudbury has the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19, setting us on track for economic recovery, investment attraction and job creation.

2) Affordable housing and the mental health and addictions support our city desperately needs from Queen’s Park.

3) That all three partners in the Kingsway Entertainment District are ready to put shovels in the ground and finally get construction started on each important part of this dynamic project.

4) A cleaner, safer, more desirable downtown that will be a regional destination for arts, culture, business and entertainment with the grand opening of Le Place Des Arts and the start of construction of the Junction East project.

5) Continued progress and investment in our Community Energy and Emissions Plan as well as investments in popular walking and cycling destinations like Bell Park, Fielding Memorial Park and Delki Dozzi Park.

These are certainly some ambitious plans for Greater Sudbury. If there was a city that could pull through and turn these hopes into a reality, it’s the City of Greater Sudbury.

You can follow Mayor Bigger on Facebook and Twitter for updates and news about Greater Sudbury. 

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