Forget All Your Problems While Floating Down A Chelmsford River This Summer

Are you like most Sudburians or even Canadians, tired of being cooped up? How would you like to forget all your problems while floating down a Chelmsford River this summer? 

If that sounds good then you are in luck. The ultra popular Chillin N’ Tubing down the Vermillion River is about to open and we are sure you will have to wait for ever to get a chance to do this. 

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The outdoor recreational company is one of its kind in the area and they offer rides down the Vermillion River that can take up to 4 hours long. The river is slow moving and isn’t very deep so in most parts a regular sized adult can stand up with no problems. 

This Chillin N’ Tubing trip is as unique as it is fun. You first start off jumping on a school bus from there finish line on Nickel Offset Road. Then you take a ride to a safe spot up the river where you jump in a perfect tube that carries you down the river.

This activity is perfect for the family. If you are over 18 you can go alone with a signed waiver but if you are under 18 you will need to have an adult with you.

The price of this is also a bonus. Should your bank account have the coronavirus blues then you will be happy to see it’s not going to break the bank. 

If you are looking to ride down this river it isn’t very expensive. The cost is $5 for the kids tube, $15 for kids tube with cup holder, $25 for adult tube with cup holder and you can even choose $20 to rent a cooler. 

If you are looking for this adventure you will have to remember to call first because walk-ins are subject to availability. They also have limited hours of 11:30 am to 1 pm.

Chillin N’ Tubing

5727 Nickel Offset Road

Chelmsford, ON

Phone: 705 929 3055