Fire Up Your Tastebuds By Adding Hot Sauce To These 5 Foods

Hot sauce is a relatively new additive to foods in North America and that is why some people don’t really have a good idea of what to put it on. 

Have no fear though because we have been indulging in the hot pepper sauce for quite some time now. Since we already have a good idea what the sauce works with we decided to let you in on one of our special culinary secrets. 

When we tell you what to put hot sauce on we hope you listen. 

Try adding hot sauce to these 5 foods the next time you have them and your tastebuds will thank you for it immediately. 

Beets – You may have never even tried the purple monsters but when you do you will want to put a few dashes of some good hot sauce on them to liven them up. 

Eggs – Many people will have avocado’s with their eggs in the morning. However if you really want to liven up the breakfast you will want to throw some hot sauce on them for the perfect eggsperience! 

Steak – Adding hot sauce to steak can be an ultimate experience. There are a number of ways to do this as well. For starters, when marinating your steak you can bath the beef in hot sauce. If you are going to do this you might want to poke the steak with a fork prior to inserting it into the hot sauce. Another way to use hot sauce on your steak is to make a paste with your rub and scrub the beef with it will cooking. You won’t be disappointed either way.

Nachos – By adding hot sauce to your nachos prior to baking them you are almost ensured to be getting some world class food when it comes out of the oven. Sometimes the hot sauce gets baked into the tortilla shell and you get an explosion of taste that your tastebuds can’t ignore. 

Rainbow Trout – If you really want to kick up your hot sauce game then this is the dish to try it with. You will want to try spreading your hot sauce evenly on your rainbow trout before seasoning it. Once you have seasoned it throw it in the oven and bake it. This dish will come out and blow the tastebuds through the top of your skull.