Fern Cormier Wants Sudbury To Forget About KED Dreams With ‘Sober Second Thought’

How many times does Fern Cormier need to rethink the KED? After years of frivolous delays, which ultimately escalated the costs of the Kingsway Entertainment District, Fern Cormier wants Sudbury to have a “sober second thought” on the project.

In what could only be described as an unhinged rant to a Facebook echo chamber, Fern Cormier, the Ward 10 Sudbury City Councillor made his case as to why the city needs to stop the KED. In his post, he goes into great explanation on why he thinks the KED is a bad move.

Councillor Cormier is being relentless in his quest to undermine the democratic decision made in 2017. At one point Cormier writes, “The city entered into a partnership to develop an Entertainment District on the Kingsway. One of those partners, Gateway Casinos, is now experiencing, not withstanding its best efforts, difficulties that will at best significantly delay and at worst, end their contribution to the KED completely. This information alone suggests that we need to reevaluate the project.”

However, even though Councillor Fern Cormier doesn’t want to continue with the KED project, he does believe that the city should have a new event centre.

Cormier says that the financial struggles of the Greater Sudbury coffers comes on the operational side and not the capital side. That means that the city might be struggling with the day to day costs, but the capital money put aside is still there and ready to be used if and when we get going again. Cormier, in his own words believes “full benefits of the KED will take years or perhaps over a decade or longer to materialize in any meaningful way.”

full benefits of the KED will take years or perhaps over a decade or longer to materialize in any meaningful way.

Fern Cormier Ward 10 Greater Sudbury City Councillor, Facebook January 8, 2021

Which could be taken as his opinion, but the fact still remains that if the opposition to the project wouldn’t have wasted everyone’s time and money, we would have already had shovels in the ground and the cost would have been less than they will be now.

Councillor Cormier also believes that they can have greater control over the timeline if the project is built in a different area of the city. Miraculously enough the ward that the councillor controls encompasses the downtown area of the city.

Now, the councillor didn’t come out directly saying that his wishes are that we should thwart the Minnow Lake development for the downtown, but when the vote was held in 2017 and the stalemate ensued with a 6-6 vote for downtown, Councillor Fern Cormier was only one of two who later voted against an ultimate 10-2 decision to go ahead with the Kingsway Entertainment District.

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Nonetheless what he fails to also mention is that the city is in binding agreements. Now if they chose to break those agreements the city would presumably have to pay money to all parties involved in those agreements. This would not only add to the cost of a new event centre, but would be an extra burden to tax payers.

Furthermore the councillor also fails to mention the condition of the soil in the downtown area, which is questionable and the fact that junction creek runs directly underneath the existing downtown.

It appears the future of the KED might not be determined after all. Let’s sit tight and grab that bag of popcorn for round 2,3 and 4 of the KED saga.